Welcome to Courtney Farms

Welcome to learning about life on the farm and all that goes with it….whether that is wiping potting soil out of the mouth of an 11 month old, doing payroll at 5:00 a.m., chomping at the bit for the weather to cooperate, savoring the taste of the first watermelon of the season, or being thankful that the tobacco sold well or that we had a bumper crop of beans…..life here is always interesting, and privileged for all to experience.

You may have come to our website in search of our beloved CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program.  With much regret, we are not offering our traditional CSA program for this season.  This decision was not an easy one, but one that had to be made.  Our dynamic field to family dinner table relationships will shift as we won’t be delivering weekly harvests.  With our understanding of your need to connect to a real local farm, your understanding of our family and business needs, together our constant quest of understanding America’s food system (both production and consumption)…we hope you experience what our farm has to offer.


I had gotten out of the habit of updating our website….I hope to get the website up-to-date soon reflecting the changes that have come about.