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  • April 02nd, 2013

Here is a letter intended for our dear CSA members.  I want/need to post for those who are coming upon our site in search of our previous offerings.  so here it goes…..

I’ve been told you have to “take emotion out of it”, by professors, business leaders, and lenders.  That is so much easier said than done.  While I sit here feeling like I am writing a much dreaded resignation letter….one that I’ve been in denial of for too long, I write today to thank you for your support of our family, our farm, our shared love for food, a much better understanding (yet more confusion) of America’s complex food-system.

In the last three years our lives have been enriched as our family grows.  Three children, many friends, and as much as these last three years have given us, it has been difficult to balance managing a diverse farming operation and raising a 5 year old, 3 year old, and 9 month-old.  After much soul searching, we have made the decision to stop offering the CSA for the time being.  Maybe at some point we will be able to pick-up and begin the program again.  At this point in my life, I need to put being a mother before the detail required to do the CSA shares.

The birth of our sweet little Mac on May 1st coincided with the CSA being in full swing; I realize now that my children are only little once, and one of the main reasons we set-out to farm full time was to be engaged in our children’s lives.  I’m a fool to think I can really be engaged in my family with an average of four hours of sleep a night and the responsibility of managing the rest of the farm’s business.

To put this in perspective and to see how this plays into the dynamics of America’s food system….knowing your farmer is a wonderful thing that should not be taken for granted.  Farmers of all shapes and sizes sacrifice much to bring food to national table.  The magnitude of detailed management it requires from seed to plate makes my head spin, even as I do it.  Food production and distribution in America has changed over the last century.

While I would much rather continue distributing food to families the way we have over the past three years, it’s all come with a cost.  The work that goes into growing and selling local is tremendous, I encourage you to stay mindful of that and be conscious of where your food dollars go. The many teachable moments that farming offers is something that I love to share with our customers.  I have a passion for farming and want to preserve this opportunity for our children.  I want for others to understand how and why our food is grown the way it is and that is why I loved our CSA and the connections we were able to make with you and your families.  Just because the CSA is being put aside doesn’t mean that my desire to teach others about food and farming is being put to rest.  We will be creative; I hope that time will allow for me to adapt our website to be more oriented towards agriculture and food and what’s going on with life as we know it on the farm…please stay tuned.  We love having people to the farm to walk the fields, take hay rides and ask questions.  It is my plan to continue doing something of that nature in the growing seasons ahead.

Finally, the last three years have been fulfilling to say the least; thank you for the opportunity.  I look forward to the new opportunities the approaching season has to offer. As the season and our plans evolve, we will keep you connected to our farm, as you each have left a footprint in our soil, and remain a meaningful chapter in our lives. Much appreciation for past and future shared interests….


Mary (and Shane, Lucas, Elly, and Mac)

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