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  • March 03rd, 2012

Filled with excitemment as March begins….for us March brings about lots of new life….filling up the greenhouse, seeds germinating, soil being turned over, fewer layers on the kids which brings an automatic glee, and execution of winters’ plans. March is a time of re-commitment of us and you as stewards of supporting food production….we, as farmers, make the commitment to you of taking care of your food supply, securing high-quality, fresh, safe food for your family during the duration of our harvest season. With the amazing relationship of Community Supported Agriculture, March is the time for you to decide to support local farm families, to decide to connect to childhood memories of time spent on the farm, to decide that you are going to make time to “put up” vegetables for next winter, to decide you want to provide truly fresh-picked vegetables for your children, to choose you want to spend more time in your own dining rooms versus restaurants, it’s a time to decide for your family to enjoy the beauty of seasonal foods as they come along. We hope you will consider being apart of Courtney Farms’ CSA program for 2012.


As we hope you have enjoyed your past subscriptions, we think this season will be even better. We intend to have more variety, more weeks with “staple” vegetables, much more involvement with member-shared recipes, shared “goings-on” of the farm, getting to know our family of farm workers, and coming to understand what it takes to be a family farm in Kentucky, and the opportunities to get to know a few fellow farmers we are partnering with to offer CSA subscriptions of fruit, meat, eggs, and from time to time, specialty items.

We welcome you to take the time to familiarize yourself with our offerings as we have share sizes to meet household sizes, or simply reach out and find someone to share a share with. Please embrace the idea of Community Supported Agriculture, sharing the concept with your friends, co-workers, family members, and organizations you are a part of. The more CSA members we can have in one particular area, the more sustainable this model is. We look forward to your decision to be apart of our farm. As we continue to seed the greenhouse, happy shopping on your end (click here to direct you to online ordering), and it goes without saying, thank you in advance for supporting what we offer!


From Our Farm,

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  • June 29th, 2011

For those of you who are loving the ability to order meats, cheeses, eggs, honey, etc. along with your garden vegetables, I just want to bring to your attention that we are going to change it up just a bit….

For the items from Stone Cross Farms, (a lot of the beef, pork, and all the cheeses) we will be offering them every few weeks now instead of weekly.  We recently offered some ground sausages from a our asparagus farmer—it’ll be the same way. The reason for this is that it takes quite a bit of resources to pick-up the items each week and quite frankly, weekly exchanges are not being able to be justified financially.  We need to make this small change so that we can keep offering you their awesome products.  With that being said, the cheeses will keep great (especially unopened) for a long, long time.  The meats (I guess that is obvious) will keep for a long time when frozen.  So this week we are offering their products but it will be the last time for several weeks—so enjoy!

We are currently looking a few different avenues of streamlining the logistical end of all this with a few farmers to see if we can’t better utilize our resources.  As this is all a learning process for all parties, personally, I appreciate your understanding and your future orders.

Each week the vegetable offerings from our farm are expanding, fruits are changing and other items will trickle in.  For example, this week we have fresh garlic, blackberries, and a few new squashes.  I urge you to encourage your co-workers and family to participate in the a la carte offering when it poses an opportunity for you to re-route some grocery dollars.

We appreciate the opportunity to provide local foods to folks who appreciate them; as our a la carte program is brand new, we’ve had many, many unexpected mistakes and our customers have been so patient.  We have tried to rectify each and every one of them.  Please encourage your friends to participate so that this program of collaboration can continue!

Much appreciation!

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  • June 22nd, 2011

Carrots!! They made it…and we are really excited.  As silly as that may sound, last year we gave them so much TLC and they just didn’t do much at all.  I was so determined to make it work, so we tried something else….made a raised bed in our field and seeded there—as challenging as Mother Nature has been for us this spring, the carrots have thrived.  Hope you enjoy!

Onions—if you are like me, you use them about 1/2 the time you cook.  When you have a garden in your back yard, and you need onions, regardless if they are still spring green onions or harvestable bulb onions, or in-between, you get to harvest….so you’ve got a little to add to your creative juices for the week.

Basil…oh, basil, it’s such a nice thing to have handy.  You can make some pesto, or simply keep on hand to flavor a number of dishes.  Don’t fret if you’ve got a worm hole in a leaf or two—the number one rule to produce is to wash…it’ll be just fine!

Summer squashes—-we do hope you will enjoy.  Some yellow squashes, some regular zucchini, and then we have some unique varieties that may show up.  One is the Zephyr, that once the plant is older, will produce a summer squash that is half green and half yellow.  They will all taste good!

Turnips—-these will keep for some time, so you don’t have to plunge into them today or tomorrow.  They aren’t really my favorite summer vegetable, but I do think it’s good to challenge yourself to try things you wouldn’t ordinarily purchase.  We are going to try the scalloped turnips this week—my hopes are set high because the restaurant that I got the recipe from—everything was wonderful!

Cucumbers….sure you will know just what to do with them, but if not, pair them up with that beautiful Romaine lettuce!

Romaine lettuce—-not to pat ourselves on the back, but think you will really like this.  It should keep pretty well if you need a break from all the salads.  Hopefully now with all the other items we can add, your salads are different each week now!

Golden Beets or Candy-Striped—-For all you beet lovers, these are a treat.  They are often purchased by white-table cloth restaurants, so enjoy fine dining in your own home!

At the farm this week we have had a lot of rain…which was much needed.  Our watermelons are starting to grow quite a bit

Our seeded melons will help pollinate the seedless watermelons

, we saw the first eggplant bloom today.  We have teeny-tiny peppers that resemble a belly-button when they first form, we are loaded with little tomatoes, the edamame plants are up, little green beans are starting to emerge from the blooms….lots of signs of life and good food!  We planted more sweet corn and green beans right before the rain, we got all the tomatoes staked and strung with twine (for support), and were able to do some cultivating and the dreaded chopping out weeds!  We hope you will have many nights of great tasting foods this week—take the time to enjoy these tastes!


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  • June 13th, 2011

Our menu is expanding….take a look at it tomorrow (Tuesday) for a full listing…..squash, zucchini, more berries, and chicken for the first time….more updates to come!


This week’s menu is going to include Cornish Rock cross hens.  Todd Clark and his family, just outside of Lexington, are like us, diversifying their farming operation to meet the demands of local consumers.  The Clark family has raised these chickens since they were 1 day old, and were harvested at 8 weeks. Todd’s chickens will come to you in vacuum sealed packages that were processed at Marksbury Farms, a USDA inspected processing facility in Garrard County.  The birds will be whole, without the liver, heart, etc.  These chickens were moved to new grass daily which gave them unlimited access to forages, new insects, while being supplemented with grain from Bagdad Roller Mills (right around the corner from our farm).  Todd’s chickens are non-GMO, have had no antibiotics or hormones.   The chickens will come to you frozen. Clean out some freezer area because, we will offer chickens based upon “harvest schedule” so, these would be a good item to stock up on!  The chickens will be around 6 pounds in weight, more or less.

Also, please note that if you want a Kentucky raised turkey for Thanksgiving…this week is the time to order!


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  • May 06th, 2011

Even though you aren’t the one checking the weather on-line 20 times per day so you can plan meals 50 days from now….we are doing it for you!  This rain has been unbelievable for all of us!  We have been lucky and haven’t had to stomach any tornados at our farm, but we have had over 15 inches of rain during these past precious weeks of intended planting time.  Agriculturalists will be entering un-chartered territory with coping with the effects of flooding, drowning, delays in plantings, etc.  The beauty of our relationship is that we can adjust to a certain extent….yes, our season will be starting later than it did last year, but that’s ok.  We are hoping to get lots planted here over the next week if we are granted sunshine and a nice breeze.  We will all be salivating for a fresh salad a little longer, but when items start coming in, we will all be ready, won’t we?!!  As a member of our CSA, we will together have a lot of anticipation for a nice fall harvest as our season will be sure to extend a bit more since we are getting a later start than expected.

Here soon we will be ironing out details for our delivery arrangements and be in touch with you for your input.


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