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  • October 30th, 2011

This week has been bitter-sweet as we’ve concluded the CSA for the season, we are in the process of preparing the fields for next year, which consists of removing all plant debris from this year to sow cover crops.  We have cleaned out the vegetable barn out and have begun stripping tobacco.  This week we’ve had a beautiful rainbow over the farm one morning and the very next morning, everything was white from a freeze.  We are making slow progress with harvesting the grain because of the rains, but it’s enjoyable when equipment is working right, regardless. I’m trying to figure how I need to go about “tackling” my mounds of paper-work that I’m behind on.  The kids are enjoying taking lunch over to Daddy and Joe and running around in the soybean stubble and taste testing the beans—-I think they think that if they keep tasting they will taste better eventually.  I had the pleasure of attending the KY Women in Agriculture Conference this week and was ignited by the contagious attitudes of farm women across the state.  KY’s agriculture is so unique—from farm to farm, folks are doing different things….and like our farm, folks are feeding locally and globally.  It was pretty special to be in a place celebrating how if we support one-another as an industry we can do so much….and how if we get to know our customers, engage them in conversations about food and farming we can learn so much.  The conference was a good ending to our second CSA season as it will fuel me for massive planning over the next few months…and hopefully help me focus on the dreaded bookwork so that I can begin the “fun stuff” again soon!

As our thank you card said, from our crew to your families, we can’t thank you enough for all your participation.  For those of you who are reading and were not a part of our extended family this year, we hope you will consider it for 2012!  This year has been amazing in so many ways and it’s a large part because of folks like you—-interested in what’s going on on a working farm…working to feed families like yours and ours.  That’s something to celebrate….on to another season!

Happy Fall,

Mary and Crew


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