What is this?

Browse through the produce aisle of harvests from our fields and tastes from other local farmers. Folks in our CSA have asked for this and we have listened.  The Farmers Feeding Families came to be as a result of a few producers’ determination and many customers’ “missing full course local meals” after we had to change plans with our once “dream child” a la carte menu that turned into a logistical nightmare.  Here is a simple way to enjoy fresh fruits, eggs, meats and occassional cheeses that are grown by local farmers. Courtney Farms’ role in exectuing this is to provide more of a variety of offerings to those who appreciate locally raised, fresh, quality foods.  Our thinking is that if you value the characteristics that our vegetables exude, you will value these local tastes and opportunities as well.  It’s a win-win for all…you– a wider variety of fresh food raised locally, us– a piece of mind that you are even more satisfied with the convenience of other local food choices AND the knowledge that we are not only embracing, but implementing a venue of the local food system and boosting the local farm economy even more!

We’ve been very fortunate to partner up with some places of employment to be able to offer job-site delivery. If you are interested in having this program be apart of your work environment, please contact Mary. Otherwise, you are most welcome to pick-up your personalized orders at the arranged locations. Check out the Delivery Points.

We are really excited to be able to offer this new program and welcome you to join in on the fun and simplicity!