Know Your Farmer

Fortunately, following college graduation and getting married, our public jobs located us to Shelby County in 2003. Shane was a teacher of agriculture and Mary was a financial lender for farmers and rural residents. Both of our childhoods were rich in farming, yet as adults we found ourselves working very long hours indoors and not getting to enjoy a passion we shared.

Working toward our goals, we began a lawn-care business (that we still operate today) that gave us the confidence to invest in beginning our farming operation. We took the plunge and purchased our first farm in 2006. Following in the footsteps of our parents we are traditional tobacco farmers. Needing to diversify, and the strong desire to raise our children on the farm, we have turned to answer a growing need: nutritious, local food.

2017 will be our ninth year raising tobacco, eighth year of raising corn and beans on our own, the eight year raising vegetables, and the fifth year with a cattle, and first adventure with hogs! Both our farm and family has gone through a lot of changes since we’ve started; in order to be highly dependent on the farm for a livelihood while remaining sustainable for our children’s children, we must adapt to the needs that surface. It is imperative that as our family expands, so too will our farming enterprises.  Our children are nine, seven, four and two…  two boys and two girls.

Our family has great pride in the honor of farming. We are proud to do what we do on our own with the encouragement of our parents, siblings, customers, and on-lookers. We thrive on the opportunity to feed many, many people from our fields while utilizing the opportunity to educate on the stewardship of the environment, appreciation of nature, cultivation practices of food, and how the needs of today’s consumers and farmers responsibly collaborate. We welcome you to be apart of what we do.

Partnering with you seems to be a natural progression to stay a family farm. Together, with the earth, we love to nurture a seed into a mature plant, and help place it on your dinner table. We are excited about our adventures of putting our culled vegetables and own grains to use to help prepare our own livestock to fulfill it’s purpose of filling your freezer. In America we are so blessed to have choices of how to farm, where to purchase our food, etc. Our family sure appreciates the efforts for folks to purchase food from sources within your own community when the opportunity is there. It does so much for everyone! While teaching your children, instilling character and work habits, and how to appreciate all of God’s beauties of farm-life, we look forward to sharing our farm, our food, and our journey with you!