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  • March 03rd, 2012

Filled with excitemment as March begins….for us March brings about lots of new life….filling up the greenhouse, seeds germinating, soil being turned over, fewer layers on the kids which brings an automatic glee, and execution of winters’ plans. March is a time of re-commitment of us and you as stewards of supporting food production….we, as farmers, make the commitment to you of taking care of your food supply, securing high-quality, fresh, safe food for your family during the duration of our harvest season. With the amazing relationship of Community Supported Agriculture, March is the time for you to decide to support local farm families, to decide to connect to childhood memories of time spent on the farm, to decide that you are going to make time to “put up” vegetables for next winter, to decide you want to provide truly fresh-picked vegetables for your children, to choose you want to spend more time in your own dining rooms versus restaurants, it’s a time to decide for your family to enjoy the beauty of seasonal foods as they come along. We hope you will consider being apart of Courtney Farms’ CSA program for 2012.


As we hope you have enjoyed your past subscriptions, we think this season will be even better. We intend to have more variety, more weeks with “staple” vegetables, much more involvement with member-shared recipes, shared “goings-on” of the farm, getting to know our family of farm workers, and coming to understand what it takes to be a family farm in Kentucky, and the opportunities to get to know a few fellow farmers we are partnering with to offer CSA subscriptions of fruit, meat, eggs, and from time to time, specialty items.

We welcome you to take the time to familiarize yourself with our offerings as we have share sizes to meet household sizes, or simply reach out and find someone to share a share with. Please embrace the idea of Community Supported Agriculture, sharing the concept with your friends, co-workers, family members, and organizations you are a part of. The more CSA members we can have in one particular area, the more sustainable this model is. We look forward to your decision to be apart of our farm. As we continue to seed the greenhouse, happy shopping on your end (click here to direct you to online ordering), and it goes without saying, thank you in advance for supporting what we offer!


From Our Farm,

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