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  • March 12th, 2012

It feels SO nice outside!!  And what am I doing in here at the computer?!  Unfortunately, more of what I’ve spent lots of time over winter doing….production records, seeding/planting details, insurance details, seed selection, loan applications, migrant worker contracts, price shopping, on and on….  The office chair is becoming less and less attractive as spring is nearing!!


Two pieces of office work that I have really enjoyed lately are 1) seed variety selection and 2) lining up the final plans for this years’ CSA / seeing the subscriptions come our way!


Lucas and Elly and I enjoyed watching Shane plow yesterday—the kids each got to ride with him for a while and loved every second of it.  When Elly hopped out her comment was “I a farm girl” with a big smile on her face and Lucas’s response was “Mama, I like helping Daddy.”  Comments like these melt my heart!  Walking across a plowed field is one of those things that I never grow tired of.  I remember my dad loving to plow and we’d look for worms and neat things the tractor turns over.  Plowing a field is a true sign that planting is nearing, tilling is evident, and harvest is in the horizon.  


It’s an exciting time on the farm.  Today in the greenhouse we are seeding 12 heirloom tomato varieties, 3 cherries, 2 romas, and 1 good slicing tomato variety.  These are joining the teeny-tiny collard, cabbage, kale, and lettuce plants that are growing more with each watering.  Yesterday the kids and I walked through the garlic trial to see which varieties don’t mind cooler temps—after this winter they all look great! Speaking of winter, it’s really weird to realize that just last week we were sleigh riding in about 6 inches of snow!  Weather in KY….gotta love it (or adjust!).


This is spring on a farm that raises mostly plants….on the livestock farms, I know Jeneen is anxiously awaiting the arrival of a bunch of little chicks and Melissa and Josh are in the middle of calving season.  My mom mentioned yesterday that my dad and a few of my brothers were absolutely shot from Saturday’s attempts of lassoing a few newly purchased calves that decided to explore the farm upon arrival.  Every season has it’s joys…(and days you’d like to forget!)…and it’s all part of Farmers Feeding Families.


CSA plans for this season are coming together!  We are excited to let you know that we will have more delivery/pick-up options around Louisville this year in Middletown, Hurstbourne Plaza, off of Outer Loop, and Iroquois Manor. We are thrilled to be able to offer more convenience.  In advance, thanks for continuing to spread the word.


Off to more desk-time for a few hours—–it’s an unfortunate reality of farming….you gotta keep that pencil sharp in order for the tractors to run, and paychecks to be written, and to keep feeding families!


Thanks for being a part of what we do…it’s an honor!


From the farm,


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