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  • October 01st, 2011

We hope all our CSA members can come to the farm next Sunday, October 9th for an afternoon of “farmlife”!  We are planning to eat around 5:00, but will have activities before and after dinner.  We hope it will be a relaxing, enjoyable afternoon/evening of fishing, hiking, picking, and lots of learning!  Feel free to come anytime after 2:00 and stay as long as your heart desires.  We are going to have a hay ride around the farm, escorted by Jim (our famous delivery driver!) with lots of farm lessons along the way.  In the “spirit” of Community Supported Agriculture, one of our own CSA members, Chef Lee Ashbrook is smoking a hog that was raised by the neice of another CSA member through their 4-H project!  We will have a great spread of other local farmers’ items for you to enjoy and a chance for you to put faces to us farmers.  Please prepare by dressing according to the weather and bring a lawn chair if you’d like that over a bale of hay.  For meal preparation, please email me your intentions by Thursday so I can let our cooks know.  Feel free to invite any of your friends that may find our farm interesting.  Also, I must stress that you need to come with understanding….the vegetables are now weedy and many are puttering out, but hey, that’s part of it!

As I write this, I’m wondering if I should gather all the sheets up that are in the homes of Bagdad to protect the crops tonight….gonna get cold!!  Realistically, tonights temperatures could potentially do some damage, so keep your fingers crossed!

Creating ownership at a young age!

I had a great experience this afternoon.  A gal called me yesterday and shared with me that they are thinking about getting into raising a large garden for others to enjoy also.  She seemed super nice and we have a great mutual friend who I think dearly of, so it seemed fitting to invite them out to take a walk through our fields so she and her husband could learn a bit for what we’ve done right and what we’ve done wrong.  I wished I had had that opportunity…may have saved me lots of frustration and mess-ups.  They were super nice and had a beautiful son that Lucas and Elly enjoyed until nap time started creeping up on the kids and a long walk stood between point A and B.   Some may say I’m crazy for sharing “tools of the trade” with someone else whose interested in beginning a business like this.  But in the end….isn’t that part of Community Supported Agriculture?  I really think that each family and each farm has our own personalities and characteristics to find matches.  We wouldn’t be where we are if it weren’t for people who chose to mentor us along the way….so hopefully we can “pass the baton”, so to speak.  It will be exciting to see what they decide to do (or if I scared the living day-lights out of them).

Another fun little note of the week—-we contributed to a philanthropy event on the campus of U of L.  The fraternity Lamba Chi Alpha came to the farm to pick old, sunburn, or rotten left-over watermelons to have a Watermelon Bust….Oh how I remember the fun ways of raising money in college!!  It was really neat to witness their excitement of coming to a farm….one car and small truck after another to load up melons to throw at other people!

preparing for a Watermelon Bust!

I guess this week was full of rare occurances—-on Thursday we had a video crew out to the farm.  Commonground, a volunteer organization of farm women, is helping provide footage for a video series of different segments of agriculture to help educate third through sixth graders.  We got to be a part of it!  My eyes were really opened to what all goes into making a video—-for ten minutes of air time, the crew was here for about 6 hours—wow—to learn the behind the scenes of things we take for granted is an education all its own!

So when someone asks me what goes on on the farm….everyday of every week is different.  It never gets boring around here.  I have to admit that boring sounds pretty good right now.  Things are starting to slow, and maybe more if we get a frost tonight.  We have high hopes for the last few weeks of the CSA, so hope you can take time out and enjoy life on the farm with us this Sunday afternoon!!

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