Produce We Raise

Thinking back to when we started raising vegetables, it is a whirlwind. We had a CSA as the core of our fields and sold about every way possible, from one bag of fresh veggies to a goose-neck loaded with plastic bins filled with green bell peppers! Our family are , so did the demands of the vegetables (seems like with each additional child, a mom should grow another arm or two!)

The summer of 2012 was the summer of our third child’s birth and we came to terms the we needed to gear the vegetables more towards wholesale avenues. Because of that we raise what we are able to line up prior to the season with our intended buyers.

We do raise a little bit of most vegetables you can raise in Kentucky. I say “most” because it does vary every year and there are some things we have learned just do not seem to fit in our puzzle at this time for one reason or another.

As of late winter (2017) we intend to have lettuce, radishes, greens, some beets and onions, sugar snap peas, cucumbers, squash and zucchini, lots of peppers, a pleather of tomato varieties, broccoli, cabbage, eggplants, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, and others.

Often times we have “extra”quantities of vegetables. When that is the case, you are welcome to purchase some to can and freeze. We welcome that!! Our hogs might wish you did not, but we should have plenty for them too. =)

Produce Varieties Availability
Beets Red and Specialty Mid-May – July,
September – October
Broccoli Crowns & Bunched Late-May – July,
Late-September – October
Cabbage Red and/or Green Mid-June – Mid-July,
Cauliflower Purple, orange, white June
Corn (Sweet) white, yellow, bi-color Late-June – October
Cucumbers pickling & slicing Late-June – October
Eggplant classic, slender, and striped Late-July – October
Greens Kale, Mustard, Spinach, Swiss Chard May – June,
Mid September – October
Herbs Basil, Cilantro, Oregano, Parsley, many others May – October
Lettuce leaf, loose, and red Mid-May – Mid July,
Mid-September – October
Melons watermelons & cantaloupe Mid-July – Mid-September
Okra specialty & green Mid-July – September
Onions green & bulb Mid-May – June,
Late-August – September
Peas Snap & Garden/English Mid-May – June
Peppers Green Bells, Colored Bells, & specialty July – September
Potatoes Yukon Gold, Red Mid-July – Mid-October
Pumpkins Pie & Halloween Mid-September – October
Radishes specialty & red Mid-May – June
Squash summer & winter Mid-June – October
Tomatoes cherry, grape, heirloom, slicers, Romas Mid-July – October
Turnips purple top July – September

Risks and Rewards of Growing Season

These are anticipated harvest dates for vegetables grown by Courtney Farms, LLC. This list is not all inclusive and varieties are subject to vary. Please expect variation due to weather and other factors. This is to be used only as a reference.